Adoptable Cats

All adoptable cats have been spayed/neutered and are up to date on vaccinations, FIV/FELV tested, and microchipped. 

Our policy on kittens: kittens need to be adopted in pairs or to a home that already has a playmate.  

Must be 25 and over to adopt. 

Adoption Fees:

Kittens (under 1 year) $150.00 each or pair for $250.00

Adults (1 year and over) - $100.00

Credit Card Payments have an extra $5 processing fee.  

Kitty Purry
Female, 1.5 years

Kitty Purry is super pretty and super affectionate! She loves to get scratches and to lick your hands and fingers. She is also playful - she is obsessed with the laser pointer and goes nuts for Churu treats!

Female, 2 years

Emmy, queen of the Emerald City crew, took wonderful care of her five kittens and is now looking for a home of her own. She gets along very well with her foster mom's cats as well as her dog. Emmy is very talkative! While she is not quite ready to be held, she likes to follow her humans around.


Male, 3 years

Romeo is a sweet 3 year old boy who was living on the streets his whole life. He loves to be pet and get love, and he would love to have a forever home with no doggies. Romeo gets along with other cats, but he really truly craves human love! 
 Currently hanging out at our Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Center!

Kevin Bacon

Male, 3 years

Kevin came to the rescue with a massive ear infection and ear mites, which even with treatment ended up with us having to remove his one ear pinna. This does not effect his hearing at all and just makes him even cuter.  Kevin also had double eye surgery which has helped his eyes, but he will always have smaller looking eyes and some eye crusties. Kevin also has a food sensitivity to chicken, so he will need to continue on his sensitive skin food (not prescription or more expensive).  Kevin LOOOVES to snuggle and has learned to play like a kitten again.

Female, 1 year

Carmelita is a beautiful young kitty with moderate Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). But her CH doesn't slow her down very much - she eats well on her own, uses her litterbox, and loves to play! She's a very sweet girl that would be fine as an only cat or with another calm kitty.  


Female, 2 years

Maxine is super sweet, friendly and loving. She’s a little nervous around other cats but that's to be expected - she was found eating amongst a very small colony of two other cats that may have not been very nice to her. With a slow introduction in a less cat active home, Maxine has the potential to warm up to other cats.  

Francis the Floof

Male, 1.5 years

Francis came to the rescue months ago saved from the streets of Philly where he was dumped. Francis did not do well at our adoption center - he hated being in the cage …..he has been in fostercare for a few months to decompress and now we must find him a new furever home! Francis needs a dog free home so please if you have a dog or thinking of getting a dog, do not put in an application - he absolutely hates dogs!!!! Francis would do best with another active Kitty, or as a single Kitty. He is up to date on shots, negative for fiv/felv and microchipped! Serious inquiries only…. Please don't just put in an application because he's a beautiful boy. He is a sweet boy, but a lot of cat (plays tough and no dogs!).


Female, 8 years

Stella is the biggest lovebug!!  She loves people and other cats - even dogs are fine by her! She enjoys  sitting and looking out the window and makes the cutest chirps when she’s happy. And she’ll do anything for a treat!

 Currently hanging out at our Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Center!


Female, 1 year

Bernie is so beautiful and so much fun! She loves to play and to talk - and she also loves attention. Bernie is good with other cats. 

Currently hanging out at our Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Center!


Male, 1 year

Miso is a handsome fellow who is very affectionate and playful!  He is very chatty and loves to play with other kitties.  Miso is also good with dogs!! 

Zuley and Asher

Males, 6 months

Zuley and Asher are bonded brothers. Their previous owner got sick and is no longer able to care for them. These boys are very sweet and playful and are looking for a new home together.

Currently hanging out at our Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Center!


Female, 6 years

Beautiful Bella is a super sweet girl who loves belly rubs. She also loves laps and will purr in content. Bella can be a little shy at first - but then her sweet personality shines through.

Currently hanging out at our Moorestown PetSmart Adoption Center!

Long Term Medical & Hospice Fosters 

These kitties are under the care of New Paws of New Jersey but will most likely never become an ideal adoptable kitty.  We will continue to pay for the medical care and provide loving homes with our foster community.  If anyone does fall in love, we are always open to discussing their future with you. 

Male - 8 years

We pulled Chino from a local shelter in 2017 for his massive IBS and pooping issues.  He just recently began to stabilize on his newest med and food plan.  He also went though a biopsy in 2020 to rule out cancer! He is good to go to a home with the understanding he needs to stay on his prescription diet forever and needs his medications every other day. 

In Memory of Gizmo

Male, 7 years

Gizmo came to us in January when we got a plea for help from our good friend Mark from Don't Bully Us Rescue. Mark called us from St. Francis Animal Hospital after a kitty came in with a severely mangled leg and needed immediate help. The hospital and Don't Bully Us sponsored Gizmo's amputation, which healed amazingly… but Gizmo was never 100%. With a swollen abdominal area and some swollen lymph nodes, we decided to go ahead with some biopsies at that time. Nothing was found in the areas we tested at that time. Several minths later, however, on the night of May 2, 2023, Gizmo was found face down drooling with blood coming from the mouth. His fostermom rushed him to emergency where - after more testing was done - it was found he was in complete kidney failure from renal/intestinal lymphoma. we were unable to save him. Our hearts are shattered to say the least … but we are so glad to know Gizmo was so loved and spoiled for 5 months by his beloved fostermom Megan Slemmer. Rest easy, our sweet and handsome Gizmo. 

In Memory of Buffy
Female - 6 years

We pulled Buffy from a local shelter in 2020 as a medical case.  Her body and face were 70% covered in scabs and wounds from an allergy issues. Despite her medical issues, she loved to give head butts and sleep on your chest. Beautiful Buffy passed in September 2022. 


In Memory of Terrence
Male, 5 years

Terrence was in a home previously until his people decided they no longer wanted him and left him to survive on the mean streets of Philly. While out there, he broke his right hind leg. With no one to help him, his leg healed crooked. Despite that, he managed to run, jump and play like any other kitty - in his own special way. Terrence adored people and wanted nothing more than to sit with you and purr. Terrence passed away in November 2022. 

In Memory of Stevie
Male - 9 years

We pulled Stevie from a kill shelter middle of 2020  He had a severe URI (upper respiratory infection) and was only 3lbs!! We have gotten him stable, and a fatter!   He loved to snuggle. We lost him in 2023. 

Male - 9 years 

We pulled Kobe in 2018 from a local shelter for hospice care.  He only has one kidney, recently had a kidney stone, has narrow canals to nose, and also has both male and lady parts, even though he is a male! He has a little bit of everything going on. He also loves lap cuddle time and soft blankets. 

Male, 4 years

Sparky is a sweet boy who is FIV + with chronic anemia, requiring daily steroids. He is very shy but loves belly rubs and head scratches. 

In Memory of Blackie Lou
Female, 4 years

Blackie Lou was a gorgeous girl with a super sweet personality.  She struggled with dental issues before being diagnosed with cancer. We lost this beautiful girl in November 2022. 

In Memory of Jacob
Male - 10 years

We pulled Jacob from a high kill shelter in 2018 with massive hematomas on both his ears from antibiotic resistant bacteria.  He had to have both ear pinas amputated to stop the infection.  We lost this handsome man December of 2021.